Vodafone’s Summer Sale offers up to FIVE times the data on selected plans

HOLDING out for a new Vodafone pay monthly or SIM-only deal?

The mobile network’s new summer sale may be just what you need.

Vodafone has launched a selection of new deals targeting popular smartphones and SIM options.

So if you’re in the market for an iPhone SE, iPhone 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max or Galaxy S20 the sale is worth checking out.

It’s also sensible to head over if you’re considering a new Vodafone SIM-only plan.

The network has given a huge boost to two SIM deals, one with big data and the other perfect for more modest needs.

  • Shop Vodafone's Summer Data Deals – here

For phone deals, at the cheaper end you can pick up the iPhone SE with 48GB up from 24GB – that’s on a £39 per month contract with a £19 upfront cost.

Vodafone’s iPhone 11 Pro deal also offers the same data boost: 48GB instead of 24GB – on a £63 a month contract with a £49 upfront cost.

The Pro Max offers the same boost to 48GB again, for the same £49 upfront cost as the 11 Pro, but at £67 a month.

The other key 24GB to 48GB boost – although there are plenty more handsets included – is on the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G. The pay monthly contract will cost £51 a month after the £19 upfront fee.

Each of the phone deals include unlimited minutes and text as standard, and in terms of value while they’re Strong for Vodafone it’s always worth shopping around.

Vodafone has included two SIM deals in its sale too: the first, its £20 a month SIM which now offers 100GB data instead of 20GB – a five times increase.

Its second SIM deal is its £10 a month option, now offering 15GB data instead of 3GB.

Both deals add a lot of value, particularly for Vodafone, but don’t forget to shop around for a deal which suits your needs.

Vodafone's Summer data deals run until September, but the date may change depending on the specific offer.

  • Shop Vodafone's Summer Data Deals – here

All prices in this article were correct at the time of writing, but may have since changed. Always do your own research before making any purchase.

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