Watch as cyclist argues with driver over parking and calls over a WARDEN to ticket him – whose side are you on? | The Sun

A CYCLIST has filmed an argument with a driver who left his car blocking a cycle lane.

In the video, which was uploaded to the Edinburgh Cyclist channel on Youtube, the driver is in no hurry to help.

The video is shot from the cyclist's perspective using a helmet cam and begins with the cyclist making his way along a road in Edinburgh.

Before long a green Peugeot 306 can be seen up ahead blocking the cycle lane, which is divided from the road by small bollards.

The cyclist stops and calls to people on the pavement to ask if they're the owner of the car.

A man walks towards the cyclist on the phone but then turns and walks into a shop.

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The cyclist begins taking a picture of the car's registration, which is when the man on the phone walks back out of the shop.

The cyclist asks if it's his car, but before the man responds he takes a picture of the cyclist.

The cyclist says: "You're stopped in the middle of a junction in a bike lane, I'm taking a picture of the car so I can report it to the council."

The driver explains he's on a delivery so can't park anywhere else and starts to walk away.


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The cyclist calls after him, asking if he can move his car, but the driver says he has to get his stuff from inside and sarcastically wishes the cyclist luck with his report.

It's then that the cyclist remembers the parking warden he passed earlier in the video and goes back to report the driver.

Most people were on the cyclist's side on the comments section of the YouTube video.

Beakerzor said: "Well handled. People these days have no sense of shame. Where was his embarrassment? He could not care less about blocking people.

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Sonny Din said: "I applaud this brave cyclist for confronting the inconsiderate driver, who is refusing to move his car upon request – the cycle lane is there for a purpose, built at huge expense by local government.

But mikeh2006 said: "Just go around the car. He will get caught eventually parking like that.

"It wouldn't have even crossed my mind to confront him."

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