Watch as man shows off his Mercedes’ automatic self-parking tech – but it goes very wrong | The Sun

A VIDEO of a man having issues with his Mercedes' automatic self-parking technology has gone viral on social media.

The video was uploaded to TikTok by @graemewatson481 and has had thousands of likes.

The video, shot with a mobile phone, shows a man having problems with the Mercedes' automatic self-parking technology.

At first, it looks like the automatic self-parking technology is parking his car correctly.

But when the car moves forward, it smashes head-on with another vehicle.

Seconds before the accident, the man says: "Is it going to hit that car?"


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The driver was shocked after the high-end car hit another vehicle.

The video's caption reads: "The first and last time, I use self-park."

It has had more than 67,000 likes and 914 comments on TikTok.

Most TikTok users refuse to use this system and advise the driver to stop relying on it.

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One said: "This is why I will never use mine."

Another said: "Think this is the sign that I should not even try to use mine."

A third pointed out: "Not even tempted to use mine on my BMW."

Other users have been in the same situation.

One said: "This happened to me in my Peugeot 207. I wouldn't use it again."

Another said: "Used this on my Range Rover, never again haha."

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