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A NEW TikTok trend has seen people use the platform to share their experiences of growing up with a disabled sibling.

Here, we look at how the term was coined and what people have said about living as a "glass child".

What is the glass child trend on TikTok?

Glass children are said to be siblings of kids with disabilities.

The term originates from the theory that parents or care givers see straight through them due to their focus on the child with a disability.

It is not referring to the child being fragile or someone who can be broken easily.

It is thought that a glass child is emotionally neglected, as there is added pressure for them to behave and handle themselves well due to their sibling.


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In many situations, it may include the child having to take on some parental responsibilities.

Why is it trending on TikTok?

Many people who consider themselves "glass children" have used TikTok to share their experiences.

The videos are usually accompanied by audio with the lyrics "Did you get enough love, my little dove? Why do you cry?"

What have people said about the glass child trend?

The term was popularised by Alicia Maples, sharing her experiences of what she described as being a glass child during a TED talk in 2010.

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Maples grew up with a sibling who had autism.

Many TikToker's have posted videos on the platform to share how difficult it was for them to grow up in this way.

However, some shared the positives of being in this position, such as @umcasey, who said there were perks to her being a glass child.

She said: "I may be a glass child but I also got to meet the cast of Wizards of Waverly Place for my sister’s Make-a-Wish trip and do tea parties with my grandma while she was doing chemo and go to a bunch of charity galas where I was fed the best food of my life."

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