Who gets council tax rebate? Full list across England, Scotland and Wales

Local councils worried about council tax rebate scams

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Rising costs in the UK have left people scrambling in 2022, with a year of hardship ahead for Britons on lower incomes. Steep surges in energy bills prompted by Ofgem’s decision to raise the price cap will heave people approximately £630 worse off as the Government stings people with new taxes. Ministers will offer people a one-time rebate designed to cut that by £150, and they have announced who will receive them.

Who can receive the council tax rebate?

The Government splits Britons living in the UK across eight bands, from A to H.

Each band demands a varying monthly household payment depending on property values between £40,000 and more than £320,000.

Tax rates depend on the individual paying but will see most people fork over more than £1,000 a year.

The council tax rebate will replace a month’s worth of contributions, which people should receive between April and June.

But not everyone will receive it, as the Government has only committed to paying the lowest six bands – A through D – and only for those living in their “main” home.

The policy will cover most people likely to experience the worst hit from the rising prices.

UK residents should pay attention to local rules, as the details of their rebate and additional assistance may vary by home nation.

Who receives the council tax rebate in England?

In England, the Government offers residents living in bands A to D the rebate, and those on local council tax support, even if their bill for the year is less than £150.

People within the following class exemptions can also receive the sum:

Class N: Students other than HMOs for council tax purposes

Class S: Under 18s

Class U: People with a severe mental impairment

Class W: Annexes occupied by a dependent relative

People can find out more about council tax rebate arrangements here.

Who receives the council tax rebate in Wales?

Wales has followed England in offering people living in bands A through D the rebate.

Additional assistance also comes via local council tax reduction schemes.

People can apply to have their council tax amount reduced if they meet the criteria outlined by local officials and will receive the rebate if they aren’t within bands A to D.

Who receives the council tax rebate in Scotland?

Scotland will operate a similar scheme to Wales, again offering residents the rebate if they pay council tax on one of the six outlined bands.

People will also receive the payment if they qualify for local council tax reduction schemes.

Scottish and Welsh residents should look for details via their local council websites, as their rules may vary by area.

Who can receive the council tax rebate in Northern Ireland?

Northern Ireland has set the same A to D band rules but cannot allocate funds yet.

Local officials must wait until after the assembly elections on May 5 this year.

People should check with their local council websites for further updates on receiving the payment.

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