Young entrepreneur relies on NJ manufacturer to produce a Christmas miracle

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Ashley Piszek is a 24-year old from New Jersey who is trying to become the next great American entrepreneur story with her new company in the beauty industry.

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She invented a travel size makeup case after the friction between makeup items led to a destroyed purse.  It's called MISS SWISS because it resembles a Swiss Army knife.


The idea for my company, MISS SWISS, occurred to me while attending a concert during college," Piszek said. "I brought only the essentials in my purse, including makeup, keys, phone, and wallet. The friction between my makeup and the other items inside my bag caused the lid to come off of my eyeliner, which ultimately destroyed the new purse that my boyfriend (now husband) bought for me."

Piszek asked makeup wearers what problems they have with their makeup and they identified three major issues:

  • Makeup spills.
  • Makeup is difficult to apply on the go. 
  • And makeup gets lost easily.

"Although traditional makeup cases solve the problem of makeup getting lost, they do not resolve the other two issues," Piszek said.  "Armed with this information and my personal purse catastrophe, I set out to find a solution for all three issues makeup users face."

While researching this issue, she learned that many makeup wearers have the same “purse catastrophe” experience, and she also found people who complained about applying their makeup on the go. The MISS SWISS invention was her solution to those problems. It's a patented travel-size makeup case that resembles the utility of a Swiss Army Knife. The make-up tool features custom holders that prevent friction between commonly used makeup products, she said.

Her beginning wasn’t easy.

“After researching what next steps I would have to take to bring my vision into a reality, I realized that this is something I couldn’t afford, especially while still paying for college," Piszek said. "I tried to think of every possible way to raise enough money to procure prototype development, two injection molds, patents, and all the other expenses that go into starting a business."

To raise the money she and her mother flipped a house.

"My mother and I did most of the work ourselves and made enough money to get MISS SWISS off the ground,” Piszek said.

After delays producing the molds in China caused by overseas miscues and issues, Piszek is relying on a New Jersey-based manufacturer who is working overtime to give MISS SWISS their first run of product starting this weekend.

“We are so excited to start taking orders at on Friday, Dec. 4," Piszek said. "We have had so much positive feedback from friends, family, and beauty influencers about MISS SWISS that we are initially producing 30,000 MISS SWISS makeup cases."

The product will be offered in five colors: Princess of Monaco Pink, Silhouette Black, Blue Hydrangea, Fiolet Purple and Summertime Shandy Yellow.

The young entrepreneur wanted to have her product ready in the early fall to be ready for the holidays.  There were also delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic and shipping the molds to the United States from China.

"It took incredible work by our U.S.-based manufacturer to turn around the product so we can deliver our first orders of MISS SWISS’ by Christmas," Piszek said.


She has vowed that her brand will be American made, and she’s ready for the stiff competition.

MISS SWISS features four staggered makeup holders to prevent makeup products from touching. The holders pivot upward for easy use and fold back in for safekeeping. The four holders are of varying sizes to fit a large variety of round diameter makeup. A large acrylic mirror has been added to the inside lid to assist with makeup application on the go.”

"Our overarching theme is we are listening to makeup wearers," Piszek said.

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