Amazon Fire TV Stick owners are just realizing ‘hidden button trick' on remote unlocks ultimate time-saving feature | The Sun

HOLDING down a commonly used button on your Amazon Fire TV Stick remote can unlock a lesser-known feature.

The long button press offers users a different way to navigate their TV.

Press down on the home button of your Amazon Fire Stick remote.

You should notice a hidden settings menu appear.

This isn't available anywhere else on the device and gives you a concise overview of some key apps.

Holding down the home button results in five tiles appearing on your TV screen.

These tiles represent Profiles, Apps, Sleep, Mirroring, and Settings.

The time and date will also appear at the top of the screen.

Each of the five tiles can be used to access an important feature quickly.

For example, you may want to quickly switch profiles or find the Settings menu.

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You can access the hidden menu at any time while using your Amazon Fire TV.

It still pops up even if you're watching content.

Bear in mind that some smart Fire TVs may show a different version of the concise menu.

According to Slash Gear, some TVs will display different tiles stacked vertically.

These should appear to the right of the screen rather than in the middle.

They may have different options like Channel Guide, Inputs, and Sound.

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