iPhone & Android users warned of money-saving battery trick that can cause lasting damage – you’re probably guilty of it | The Sun

A MONEY-saving trick could cost you the price of a new smartphone.

Experts have warned against using chargers from third-party companies, as there's a higher risk they can break your handset.

Your iPhone or Android requires optimal voltage and current to charge properly, so it's recommend to stick with the charger that came in the box.

If the original charger has broken and you're wondering where to get a new one, then it's best to buy one from directly from the device manufacturer.

That means if you have an iPhone, get a charger from the Apple Store – even if it's more expensive.

A cheap knock-off charger might have a too high wattage, and therefore be a fire hazard.



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In some cases, they can also degrade your battery health.

And according to PCMag's Jason Cohen, they are likely to get frayed faster, which can also be a fire hazard from his personal experience.

In a report from September, he explained: "Back in the day, my MacBook Pro's MagSafe charger frayed until the wiring became exposed.

"Eventually, the charger shorted out and caught fire.

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"The same can happen to your phone plug."

So, in forking out a bit extra for a legitimate plug from your phone's manufacturer, you're saving your handset – and house – from potential damage.

If you must get a third-party charger, it's best to stick with a known brand like Anker.

Avoid no-name companies – even if they are cheaper.

Because even though they can be a fire hazard, they simply don't last as long as cables from established brands like Apple, Samsung or Anker.

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