Sky customers 'going crazy' as Netflix app crashes leaving fans with annoying red wheel of doom – check your box now | The Sun

SKY customers have been stuck watching an annoying, spinning red 'wheel of doom' whenever they try watching Netflix for several days.

The broadcaster has acknowledged that its a customer-wide issue and is currently investigating an official fix.

In a statement on X (formerly Twitter), Sky wrote: "We're aware that some customers when launching Netflix will see a spinning red circle.

"We have the right teams working to get this resolved as soon as possible."

How to avoid it?

While there is no fix yet, experts at Sky suggested one way customers may be able to avoid it.

If you have Multiscreen subscription, you maybe able to watch on your Sky Q Mini, according to Sky.



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In a separate help forum on Sky's website, an employee advised customers suffering the red circle of doom to turn of a feature in their Netflix Settings.

If you log in to your Netflix on a webpage, click My Account and scroll to the bottom.

Here you will find Test Participation – make sure this feature is switched off.

"If you can advise if this resolves the issue for you or not and we can feed this back to the support teams," the Sky employee wrote.

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'Worst decision ever'

With millions now relying on streaming services like Netflix for their evening entertainment, customers aren't happy with the partial outage.

"Why is this happening every day? We are paying for a service we can't use," X user @neilgreen2023 wrote.

Another customer, @jkd1969, tweeted: "What if you don't have multiscreen? Worse decision ever to get Netflix through Q box."

However, one savvy Sky viewer has reminded fellow customers that they still have access to the service – it's just not working via their Sky boxes currently.

"It's [worth] pointing out what you are paying for is access to a service called Netflix," the customer wrote in Sky's help forum.

"Your login will work. You have access to the service.

"I understand how frustrating this must be, which is why I am saying stop trying to use it that way until they fix it, which could take a very long time.

"They have at least acknowledged the issue, that doesn't always happen.

"Problems like this aren't easy to fix."

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