Superpower tip to de-ice your windscreen in seconds that costs just 10p is hailed ‘absolute genius’ by drivers | The Sun

A CAR expert has revealed a superpower 10p tip to de-ice your windscreen in seconds and drivers say is "absolute genius".

This common household staple can get rid of the dreaded ice in the mornings – and it won't leave you out of pocket.

Drivers struggling with icy windscreens in the morning are urged to try out a genius cleaning tip.

Motoring experts at LeaseCar.UK recommended drivers to use a "superpower" food.

All you need is one potato – which can cost you 10p at your local shop.

LeaseCar spokesman Tim Alcock said drivers only need to cut the potato in half and rub it against the glass.



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He told the Express: “The starch and sugar inside a potato are superpowers when removing ice.

“Use a sliced potato and rub over the windscreen. The content of the potatoes stops water and ice adhering.

"Any starch marks from the potato can be easily cleaned with the car's washer fluid and a few swipes from the windscreen.”

The common vegetable can prevent condensation and frost from forming on the glass of your vehicle.

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Potatoes contain starch – which acts as a powerful blocking barrier between the glass windscreen and the air.

When it is used before a big freeze or snow, the vegetable can stop ice from sticking to the car.

The hassle-free hack won't only save you time in the morning – but also a hefty fine.

According to the Highway Code motorists must not travel unless their windscreen is completely clear. 

Rule 229 of the Code states all snow and ice must be cleared from all windows before hitting the road.

It comes as a car expert explained why a viral winter hack could have catastrophic consequences for your windscreen.

The team at Swansway Motor Group urged drivers to steer clear of the dangerous defrosting trick.

The hack, which involved pouring a bottle of vodka over the windscreen to prevent it from frosting up, has gained popularity on TikTok.

The science behind it is that alcohol has a lower freezing point that water and so coating the glass in a strongly alcoholic drink will stop condensation from freezing on it.

However, the specialists warned against the potential unintended consequences of this approach.

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Meanwhile, drivers are just learning of a handy product that can defrost a car's windscreen in seconds… hopefully putting to rest everyone's least-favourite morning chore.

All it takes is a spray bottle, some water and an everyday product that only costs a couple of quid.

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