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APPLE is set to make a number of changes on the iPhone 15 but one shift has caught everyone's attention.

The world's richest company looks set to adopt a completely different charger.

For more than ten years Apple has been using its own Lightning connector.

Although the iPhone 15 hasn't been revealed yet, there's a strong feeling that it could use USB-C instead.

What is USB-C?

USB-C is a USB connector system used widely on a number of devices.

Most Android smartphones now use USB-C.

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And many laptops, headphones and other personal electronics do too.

Their universal adoption is handy as it means you need less wires to charge your kit.

USB-C is capable of charging devices pretty fast.

It's also double-sided, so the port is the same on both ends, making it less of a faff to find the correct bit to plug into your phone.

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Why is Apple changing the iPhone charger?

Apple is already using USB-C on some devices, like iPad.

But it isn't changing the iPhone charging cable willingly.

It's because of new EU rules that force all smartphone makers – and other electronics – to use USB-C.

The law is designed to cut down on loads of wasted wires.

But when the plans first came along, Apple said the move "stifles innovation rather than encouraging it".

While the EU's ruling would only apply to EU countries, it doesn't make sense for Apple to build two different types of iPhone – one with USB-C for EU nations, and another with Lightning for the rest of the world.

Last year, Apple executive Greg Joswiak was asked whether the firm would obey the law, to which he said "obviously, we'll have to comply".

So all the signs point towards USB-C arriving on the iPhone 15 models.

Existing iPhones will still be able to use the Lightning cable as normal.

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