Drivers baffled by 'squiggly leaf image' button found in cars – until they learn it can save them £100s on fuel | The Sun

A BUTTON displaying a squiggly leaf which has baffled drivers can actually save them hundreds of pounds on fuel.

Drivers are often secretly confused by many of the buttons along the their dashboard.

They might know how a few of the them work but many will be a source of mystery.

Now an expert has revealed how certain buttons in cars are hugely important.

The expert at @learncar explained how the button with a leaf sign on it puts the car into a low fuel mode when pressed. This can save the driver hundreds of pound per year on their fuel bill.

He also told drivers that when pressed, the skid button increased the chances of the car slipping off the road and even rolling. Obviously an accident of this type would present the driver with a largerepair bill.

And the starts stop button in the car was useful when driving down a waterlogged road. This button kills the engine,preventing it from becoming water damaged.

The expert said: "There are three buttons you must know how to use otherwise you will be in big trouble."

A car guru recently shared advice on TikTok about keeping petrol bills down simply by activating an electronic feature many might neglect.

The social media user @chegeceping, who has 1.7million online followers, explained key differences between buttons marked ECO and SPORT.

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He captioned the 25-second clip with the words: "Ninety per cent of people use the wrong ECO mode and SPORT mode."

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