How to stop AI taking your job and five careers that are doomed to 'robot takeover,' expert reveals | The Sun

AN artificial intelligence expert has revealed to The U.S. Sun the five careers he thinks will be lost to AI.

AI is already advancing rapidly and demonstrating its ability to successfully complete tasks just like a human.

Renowned AI pioneer and strategist Mark Minevich has just launched his new book Our Planet Powered By AI, which touches on this topic.

He told The U.S. Sun: "The jobs that I believe are most at risk of being replaced by AI in the coming years are cashiers, telemarketers, truck drivers, bookkeeping and accounting clerks, and radiologists."

Minevich explained that these jobs are linked by "predictable physical or knowledge-based tasks."

We've already seen a rise in self-checkouts in retail stores and AI robocalls.

Minevich continued: "Cashiers are vulnerable as companies like Amazon automate stores and leverage computer vision.

"Telemarketing is ripe for disruption through conversational AI and chatbots that can be persuasive.

"Truck driving will face major upheaval with the rise of autonomous vehicles, threatening millions of jobs globally.

"Bookkeeping and accounting roles consist of repetitive data tasks that algorithms will soon handle.

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"Even specialized jobs like radiology may be replaced by AI, with deep learning algorithms already matching or exceeding human performance."

Although the loss of some jobs may sound bleak, Minevich doesn't think people will be out of work.

The expert believes humans can thrive alongside AI in the workplace.

He advises leaning into what makes us human as a way to stand out.

He said: "To avoid being replaced by AI, the key is for humans to focus on developing our most innate capabilities – creativity, emotional intelligence, flexibility, and strategic thinking.

"Jobs that involve ideating, relating to people, and making complex decisions will be the hardest for AI to replicate."

The expert also highlighted the McKinsey Global Institute report that 30% of work activities could be automated.

That report also suggested 5% of entire occupations could be lost to AI.

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Minevich added: "This means most jobs will change, with AI taking over repetitive tasks but humans still playing core roles.

"We will need to adapt to working alongside and managing AI."

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