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SPENDING just 50p at the petrol station could save drivers thousands of pounds in the long run.

Motorists have been advised by the RAC to check an often overlooked part of their car.

Experts urged people to always measure their tyre pressure before hitting the road.

The RAC said: "Allowing tyre pressure to run low increases the contact area between your tyres and the road.

"It can lead to your vehicle needing more fuel to turn the wheels as your engine has to work harder."

Vehicles can get exposed to bumpy roads and weather conditions reducing the wheels' air pressure – leading to more fuel consumption.

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They added: "Tyres under inflated by 15psi – a difference you may not notice from a visual glance – can use 6% more fuel.

"Or, to put it another way, an additional 26 miles from a 60-litre tank of fuel."

Drivers can save thousands per year in petrol and diesel if they correctly check the tyre pressure.

A quick stop at your local gas station to inflate the wheels only costs between 50p and £1 – but the savings on fuel can add up each month to thousands of pounds.

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Experts said: "A deformed tyre can increase your car’s resistance with the road, meaning your fuel will be working harder and costing you more.

"Based on the current average price for a litre of diesel, you’ll spend £1,365.08 a year at 40mpg or £1,300.10 at 42mpg – a difference of £65."

People can also measure the pressure themselves and buy an electric pump to avoid rushing to a garage.

Savvy drivers can find affordable air compressors and portable tyre kits to keep in the car at all times.

To correctly fill the tyres drivers are advised to first find the recommended pressure for their vehicle – which is often found on asmall sticker on the bodywork, or in the handbook.

Experts said to be aware with rear tyres if you frequently travel with heavy luggage or rear seat passengers – as they might need extra pressure.

However, you should avoid adding high levels of pressure as it can be extremely unsafe – causing a loss of control and a reduced brake efficiency.

Driving pros explained: "Although low-pressure tyres have a negative effect on your mileage, it’s wrong to assume that over-inflating your tyres will improve fuel efficiency.

"High pressure tyres become stiff and require more fuel to navigate bumps and irregularities in the road."

It comes as other car experts revealed a tool that can help you find the cheapest petrol near you in a matter of seconds – including supermarkets.

Drivers could save £226 a year when they fill up simply by plotting in their postcode to an online comparison site.


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