Woman left astounded over 40p condensation solution – ‘no more wiping windows’

Lynsey Crombie shares how to stop condensation on your windows

When cold window glass meets the warm air inside your property, this causes droplets of water to form. This is what’s called condensation.

If left untreated, the water can cause issues such as damp and mould which can impact your health as well as your house’s visual appeal and value.

There are many ways of preventing condensation, including leaving your windows open to increase air circulation. 

However, this isn’t always ideal when it is cold outside, as well as impacting your energy bills as you use more gas and electricity to warm your home.

After spotting a window condensation hack on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips and Tricks Facebook page, one woman took to the group to thank members who suggested the tip.

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Nicola Harris wrote: “Thank you ever so much to whoever said to put a plate of salt on the windowsill for condensation. 

“I was shocked. It really does work. No more wiping windows in the morning.”

The post attracted over 270 comments and received nearly 750 likes. Many group members were in favour of this tip.

Tracey Pedley said: “My mum and dad used to do it when they left their static caravan empty over the winter, worked a treat.”

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Christine Hanly wrote: “We have done this for years in holiday homes for when they close for the winter to help keep them dry for months on end. 

“Big bowl half full in each room buying the cheapest salt. Also used cheap cat litter and you could fill old socks and put on windowsill.”

Salt is a household staple for many that can be picked up from Ocado for 40p or at Asda for 65p.

Lucy Hughes said: “Oh my goodness if this salt tip works, it’s a game changer.”

Marie Haughian commented: “Always put bowls of salt out when we closed up our caravan for winter.”

Tina Jeffs replied: “We also used to place bowls of salt in our caravan over winter, to stop it getting damp, it always worked a treat!”

Salt has absorption properties, which means that it can bind to moisture and prevent it from developing condensation.

This is why salt is often used in the kitchen to stop water droplets from forming on dishes.

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