Amazon Fire Stick customers warned over major change to device – they may need to upgrade very soon to access new perks | The Sun

AMAZON might be about to unveil a new Fire Stick, according to reports.

In which case, existing Fire Stick owners may soon need to – albeit begrudgingly – upgrade their device to access a range of new perks.

The American retail giant has a major event scheduled for tomorrow evening at its Virginia HQ.

And rumour has it Amazon will be announcing a sparkly new streaming gadget, as the shift from terrestrial telly to online-only TV rolls on.

Hawk-eyed Janko Roettgers trawled through Federal Communications Commission (FCC) filings, and discovered an Amazon filing detailing a "remote-shaped Bluetooth accessory".

Roettgers suspects it is a new Fire Stick gadget.


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"Sure looks like Amazon just had a new Fire TV dongle pass through the FCC," he wrote on Mastodon.

"What else would require a large, rectangular accessory made by LG for testing purposes?"

While nothing has been officially confirmed by Amazon, The Mirror reports that an update to its Fire TV Stick range is long-overdue.

The last time Amazon issued an update to this range was in 2021, when devices received improved download speeds and 4K processing.

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This time around, fans are keen to see backlit keys hands-free Alexa capabilities and, of course, even faster streaming speeds.

Fans are hoping Amazon will inject the ability to summon Alexa without the remote – which is currently exclusive to the pricey Fire TV Cube – into the popular Fire Stick.

In the meantime, it's wise not to buy any Amazon products – namely Fire Sticks – until the company has finished unveiling its new products.

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