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A DRIVING expert has revealed the three hidden functions of the neutral gear in automatic cars.

In a video uploaded to social media, a run through of the three hidden uses of the N gear have been provided by an anonymous woman.

The 58 second clip on TikTok is attached with the caption: "99% of drivers don’t know the hidden usage of N gear."

Converting from a manual car to an automatic car means drivers go from using three pedals to just two as a result of having no gearbox.

However, automatic drivers do have to get used to a few extras in their new mode of transport.

That includes the introduction of the "P", "R" "D/S" and "N" functions on their new gear stick.

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And while the N stands for "neutral", many automatic car users don't know all of its three functions.

But this TikTok user (@chequanxiaoqiao) has you covered.

Using captions in her video, she claims that knowing the three hidden uses behind the N gear will not only save you fuel, but could save your life.

The woman tells viewers that when stopping temporarily or waiting for traffic lights, you should always put the car into N gear and then apply the handbrake.

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Many drivers keep their foot on the brake and keep the car in drive but this wastes petrol and causes the engine to generate a lot of carbon deposits.

The second use of the N gear is for when your car breaks down or needs to be towed.

Putting the gear stick into this position ensures your gearbox will not be directly scrapped.

Finally, the TikTok user tells drivers that when they are ready to stop, they must first shift the gear from D to N and then apply the handbrake.

Once that is done, drivers should then move the gear stick into P, before releasing the foot brake.

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